Learn about all the career options in the propane industry

start new careerWhen you’re looking for a job, the options can be dizzying. But people like you aren’t just looking for a job. You’re looking for a career.

What’s the difference? A job is just that. A career is where you have the opportunity to make the most of your experience and training to advance, to earn more money, to do new things, maybe even to be your own boss!

You can have all of that in an industry that offers the stability and security you need to provide for your family. That industry is propane, and you can get started right here at North Carolina Technical Education Center.

At NC-TEC, you get training in propane from industry leaders, with lots of hands-on learning. We offer a quarterly Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) with classes that will get you started in a propane career. Because NC-TEC is operated by the Southeast Propane Alliance, which has been supporting the propane industry in the state since 1957, our classes are up to date when it comes to technology, best practices and safety standards. And because SEPA represents many North Carolina propane businesses, they often look to us when they have job opportunities.

There are diverse career options in propane that fit a variety of skills and personality traits. Delivery drivers engage with customers, provide reliable service and get out in the community. Service technicians are hands-on problem solvers. And in the office, you can work in customer service, routing and dispatch, operations, safety and more. Someday, you could even launch your own propane business!

Want to learn more about all the ways propane is a great career option? Contact us today!